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Hola :D My name is Mallory and I hail from North Carolina (that's in the USA for all you international peeps). I'm in my early twenties and have a BA in Graphic Design. I'm currently working at an international furniture company here in NC (my first big girl job. Yee!). I love Disney, horses, design, and just a bit more Disney.. just in case you didn't notice. Um.. Well that's the short of it. If you reeeally want to know more, just ask :]

277. “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”

Image from Disney Screencaps.

Haven’t seen one of your favorite moments? Request it here!

276. “Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!”

Image from Disney Screencaps.

Haven’t seen one of your favorite moments? Request it here!











Behold, the most damaging deleted scene of all time.

The removal of this scene fundamentally alters the relationship Lilo has with Stitch in their early stages, reducing her affection to Stitch to her simply being a nice girl.

This scene establishes her patience and always blindly optimistic attitude towards Stitch as transference from her parents, contextualizing their entire relationship.

“I needed you.”

As for the sadness of the scene, it is nothing that can’t be found in Fox and Hound, or many of the other Disney Renaissance Film.


I like almost started crying

Oh my feels


brb uncontrollably sobbing :””””””(



Is Mickey making Swiss Cheese with his dick?

Cannot be unseen.

275. “Why is he smiling at me?”

Image from Disney Screencaps.

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274. When Stitch stays with Lilo and Nani.

Image from Disney Screencaps.

Haven’t seen one of your favorite moments? Request it here!

When I go to Disney .



The night before:

On The Way:


Meeting characters:

Riding my favorite rides:

That annoying kid:


Back home:

And the process begins…



I can’t believe how popular this blog has gotten! Thank you all so much for your support :D!

I’ll have some new moments posted tonight and the search is well under way for a new partner! There’s still time to enter if you’d like. I’m going to try to pick someone by tomorrow night.

Again, thank you bunches. Love you all!

disney movie moments: Officially looking for a partner.



Gah.. I kind of hate to do this but I am simply too swamped with work and ma horse. I don’t want to neglect my blog or any of my wonderful followers so I’ve accepted the fact that I need another pair of hands.

HOWEVER. I’m going to be picky as fuck with this. Here are the steps for applying:

  1. Include your name (first or nickname.. I’m not a stalker), age, and state/country.
  2. Here’s the hard part. I want you to make a mock moment. It needs to look exactly how I make mine. I’m not going to tell you what I do. The person I choose needs to have the skills to do it themselves. Just choose a number, picture, and moment. I don’t care which :]
  3. I will tell you that the fonts I use are Futura for the signature and number and Lobster for the main text. Lobster is a free font you can find HERE. Also, ALL moments are 500 x 300 pixels.
  4. I have turned on my submit box HERE. Just send me what you make and I’ll pick who I think is the best candidate.
  5. Please only submit one image. All I need is one to determine your abilities.

Thanks everyone!!

EDIT: So I know how many entries to expect, please send me a message if you are going to submit. Just say.. “I’m going to submit :D” or something. Thank ya kindly.

Nobody wants ta be my partner? :[

I’ve only gotten one submission so far! I’m actually quite nice.. I realize I came off a bit bitchy. Soo submit something…. now :D!